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Guitar, composition, electronics, rock, pop, experimental, noise, computer, sound installation...

Heðin Ziska Davidsen is a composer/musician from the Faroe Islands with a Master of Music at the New Audiences and Innovative Practice from the Iceland Accademy of the Arts. Heðin’s main instrument is guitar but has in recent years expanded to live sampling and modular synthesizer as well. Not limited to style, he has toured with ethno jazz group Yggdrasil, pop rock group Marius Ziska and art pop artist Heidrikas well as having solo impro and noise performances. He was one of the founding members of the impro analogue synth group, Space Invaders in 2014, where he is playing modular synth. Heðin started his own group, Tjant, in 2002 and has released three albums to date. He was nominated for best song at the Faroese Music Awards in 2016 for the song ”Eat Fish Fuckheads” As well as composing for his own group, Heðin has composed for bigband and smaller classical ensembles and his works have been performed at ISCM, Nordic Music Days, Happy Days, Dark Music Days and Summartónar. He has been commissioned to make sound installations for the National Arts Gallery of the Faroe Islands and for the cultural days in Tjørnuvík. Other projects Heðin is involved in are ”Resterne af Rigsfællesskabet”, a modular synth outfit together with Jesper Pedersen and Miké Thomsen and ”Rokkur” with Reuben Fenemore and Sarah Albu, a performance based on the tools, sounds and tradition of wool working. Also he has collaborated with sculpteur and visual artist Sámal Blak. Musicians Heðin has toured and worked with are: John Tchicai, Kristian Blak, Marylin Mazur, Anders Jormin, Per Jørgensen, Anders Hagberg, Jens L. Thomsen, Eivør Pállsdóttir, Hans Marius Ziska, Heiðrikkur á Heygum, to name a few.

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