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Niðhøgg score


Written for Tórshavnar Bigband.
Was part of the ISCM program in Zagreb, Croatia 2011.

In norse mythology, there is a tree called Yggdrasil.. This is the tree of life. Its branches reach into

the heavens and the roots reach into hell. During the night, the serpent Niðhøgg eats and destroys

the roots of the tree, and when it is day again, the tree can recouperate, only to start the battle again

the next night.

And so it goes on, and probably still does.


This piece, is a dramatisation of this battle. It is set in winther time, where the nights are very long

in the northern part of the globe, so the battle is very long and the day is very short (bars 53-60).

So this piece is mostly fierce.

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