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A performance based on the old yarn spinning tool called ”Rokkur” in Faroese. The process of making wool into yarn and yarn into garment makes sound. In addition to the acoustic sounds produced, we use electronics to augment the sounds and add sound samples that relate to wool and woolworking. Upon the bedrock of sound created musical improvisations are formed.
Reuben Fenemore and Sarah Albu created this project together with Heðin Ziska Davidsen
Reuben is a clarinettist, composer and creative. Originally from Japan, he is currently based in Iceland. His creative output is creating music is through combining elements of storytelling and evoking visual atmospheres. His works explore the realms of improvisation, soundscapes, minimalism and interdisciplinary art forms. His recent projects include a collaborative storytelling project combining narrative music and film, undertaking an artist residency at artArctica Festival 2017 in Finland and a project exploring the emotional evocative dialogue between music and other art forms.
Sarah Albu is a Canadian experimental vocalist, composer/sound artist and performance-maker. Equally active performing free improvisation, new music and vocal ensemble repertoire, she is comfortable lending her voice to settings ranging from early Franco-Flemish polyphony to noise and psychedelic rock. She has been an invited artist at the Banff Centre for the Arts and international series and festivals across Canada, Europe, the US and Mexico. Her first self-produced solo album was released in May 2013. An avid knitter, environmentalist and folk dancer, her recent work explores the effects of rapidly developing technology on our bodies and lives through a mix of curiosity and nostalgia. Sarah splits her time between Quebec and the Netherlands and is pursing graduate studies in voice and interdisciplinary creation at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague

Performance at Sirkus Føroyar - March 15th 2018

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